Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Has Become Sociology & Psychology More than Technology!

Currently, social media has emerged as the fastest mode of communication where the marketers can establish two-way communication between the brand and the targeting audience. SMM marketing targets potential customers launch the new products and spread awareness about it to get feedback. This feedback works well when the new ones are looking for similar products.

At Yagnavalk, we keenly focus more on the best strategies to enhance brand communication with the targeted audience by studying the behaviour of the formulated appropriate techniques. We do not just post things on various social media channels. However, we design the content in such a way to meet the objective of suitable social media marketing.

Understand why you should opt for SMM? 

Social Media Marketing, the specific digital marketing methods, aims to increase brand awareness and establish brand trust. It tends to build the social media presence and engage among the active users. However, when you want to understand reality, here are some statics that will make you understand.

  • 66% of the Facebook users like or follow the brands they love on social platforms
  • 53% of them purchase the product that they first explore on Twitter
  • 90% of the Instagram users say that they follow the business and view IGTV ads
  • 90 million Linked Users are the senior level influences
  • 83% of pinners purchase the product based on the content on the platform

These stats say it all! So, we follow several strategies to bring your brand a spotlight and make it special among the targeted audience.

Difference social media channels we work with 

Facebook marketing: Our team works to showcase the high level of customer support and steer the traffic to the website with various strategies.

Instagram Marketing: It is easy to connect with more customers and build the community with our advertising capabilities by launching the sponsored ads, post-share-worthy images and content and leverage Instagram reels.

Twitter Marketing: Investing in Twitter marketing will take your brand to the right audience. We use the data tracker tools to measure the analytics and create organic and paid marketing.

Linked Marketing: If you are willing to establish a professional reputation through social media, LinkedIn will be the right choice. We manage the post and industry posts craft valuable marketing for your growth.

YouTube Marketing: 90% of the online shoppers discover the brands online. We work with lots of techniques to capture the customer and make them take action.

Why choose us for social media marketing? 

To maintain full transparency, we serve as the first preference, and our overall efforts increase the online revenue as the Social marketer. Our commitment to effective marketing and we also create valuable network resources. Here are some of the reasons for choosing us.

  • We are working with the dedicated account managers
  • We offer custom services based on the business
  • Our cost is transparent and non-pocket biting
  • We produce the report periodically on progressing

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